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Magarey Orchard, also known as 'Nunkri Orchard' is a family owned and operated

pear and apple orchard located at Coromandel Valley, in South Australia.


The historic and scenic district of Coromandel Valley is nestled in the Adelaide

Hills of South Australia. We are one of the closet orchards to the CBD

of Adelaide, but a hidden delight!


Established in 1909 by Thomas Charles Alfred and his wife Agnes Magarey, our orchard

has been operational for five  generations, with the sixth generation underway.

There has been great effort to maintain the property throughout World War II,

long days of  hard work, variable weather, and of course, blood, sweat, tears.

We are proud of our heritage, and excited for our future!


The cooler temperatures of Coromandel Valley have blessed us with award winning fruit. 

We welcome you to stop by and try our delicious fruit varieties for yourselves

whilst supporting local growers of South Australia.


For more information on shed door sales or where your cloest retailer is,

please refer to our listed suppliers or visit:




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